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Anti-mold Spray

The Grunitz anti-mold spray is used for the effective removal of mold, fungi, mildew, algae and moss on wallpaper, painted walls, masonry, concrete, wood, tile grout, shower curtains, etc. are used.

Effective against all known species of mold and dry rot.

Low odor during application thanks to reduced pH. The oxidizing action is initiated by the spray, the product shall promptly to the pH-value of the wall and is absorbed by the mold immediately as a nutrient. The further oxidation ensures a safe, quick and visible effect without chlorine contamination.

The product is divided into 3 components: water, oxygen and salt. It leaves no harmful substances when used properly.



Mold spray sparingly from a short distance.
Consumption: about 100 ml / m²
Wash Elastic joint and tile joints after 10 minutes with clean water.

Technical Specifications:

Liquid in spray form
Active ingredient: Sodium hypochlorite about 2%, CL-active

Package sizes:

Spray bottles 500 ml / 1,000 ml
Canister 5 liter / 10 liter

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