Eco-friendly and fully biodegradable cleaning and polishing soap in solid form. Skin-friendly and 100% acid and phosphate-free.

Putzwunder cleans, conditions, polishes and protects metals (brass, aluminum, gold, etc.), but a

lso taps, baths, plastic parts, etc.

Simply wipe the stone with a wet sponge and clean with this "activated" sponge the soiled surface, or polishing. After cleaning, the treated surface flush with water.


Virtually all items in the household and catering area prone to heavy soiling such. As counters, stainless steel sinks, hobs, ceramic glass hob, stainless steel pots, baking trays, ovens, fittings, steel pans, but also bathtubs, tiles, plastic furniture, car and bicycle chrome, rims, gold and silver jewelry, etc.

Package sizes:
Screw lid in different sizes.
Customer's label possible.

A safety data sheet we send on request.